A Comprehensive Guide on How to Promote Craft Beer

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Craft beers have begun to make leeway into major beer markets. According to Brewer Association, “overall U.S beer volume sales were downs 1% in 2018, whereas craft brewer sales continue to grow at a rate of 4% by volume, reaching 13.2% of the U.S. beer market by volume.” As such, many local brewers are displaying their love for creating ales, lagers, stouts, porters, and pilsners in unique ways.

If you’re unsure on how to promote craft beer, use our guide. We explore a few ways local brewers are adding a new sense of originality to this wonderful community.          

Display Your Creativity  

Local breweries can take more creative liberties than large producers. As such, you’ll find many smaller brewers let their imaginations run wild—from creating their brews to designing the interior of their establishment. For example, a custom engraved sign is the perfect addition to your brewing or serving spaces. Your signage should be an offshoot of the product: rich, unique, and three-dimensional. Custom laser cut tap handles also demonstrate special attention to detail—customers will be able to spot their favorite craft beer from across the room.

Draw from Your Community

Many people enjoy more than just the taste of craft brews. Craft beers often have a very direct connection to the area where the consumers purchase the craft beers. To promote your beer within the community, host events that allow people to experience your local brew flavor in a new and tasty way. Consider setting up a short-term beer garden or offering a taste-testing night to encourage locals to try your product.

Discover a Custom Flavor

Everything about a craft beer—from the ingredient quality to the brewing process to the hands filling each glass—should add to your flavor. Larger brands focus on mass production and quantity; however, smaller brewers tend to have more of a “hands-on” approach to crafting. Local breweries can personally choose the ingredients and take the time to be very meticulous with every step of the process. The close relationship between brewer and beer allows for more robust flavoring. Take the time to explore all of the nuances and flavors while inventing your next crafted beer.

Dine with Delicious Drinks and Dinner

Beer and food go together like…beer and food! Craft beer can be the perfect accompaniment to some of your favorite dishes. As a local brewer, you can create craft beers that pair well with local cuisines to give your patrons an extra dose of the community’s culture. If your brewery doesn’t serve food, considering partnering with local restaurants. This way, when you notice a consumer indulging in their favorite beverage, you can recommend an appetizer or meal that will complement the flavors in their beer.

Develop a Marketing Strategy

At the core, craft beers are just beverages; however, they can represent so much more. Make your craft beer the centerpiece for building closer relationships with friends, family, and neighbors. Use your marketing strategy to foster a special connection with your community— show off your hometown pride with unique logos, slogans, and signage. Enlist outside sources to help you create these marketing tools to ensure you end up with the perfect design.  


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