Great Ways to Serve and Store Draft Beer

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With all the work that goes into crafting and drafting beer, it would be a shame to lose the flavor by improperly storing your malty deliciousness. If you use our ways to serve and store draft beer, every pour will come out perfect.

How to Properly Store Draft Beer

Many bars waged wars based on whether they should store beer cold and upright or room temperature and on its side. While opinions of the way to store beer may vary, consistency is key. To make sure that beer tastes its best, don’t store your beer in drastically different temperatures. Choose and maintain a temperature, and be sure to consistently keep your suds at that specific temperature.

Don’t Leave Beer on the Shelf

It is important that you have a shelf life for your beer. As you take kegs to your storeroom, use the ones that were there first, and try to avoid only pulling the same kind. If you’re in the process of aging a brew, then leave it be—but in all other cases, first in, first out.

Maintain a Consistent Pressure

When patrons enter your brewery, they have a certain expectation—your beer needs to deliver. To avoid a foamy and flat mess in your cup, make sure to keep your kegs pressure between 10 to 12 psi. This will go a long way in impressing your regular customers as well as new patrons.  

Make Your Pour Your Own

Choose a tap that feels right to you and your pour. Some tap designs are best for specific types of beers, so don’t be afraid to shop around. Take your ideal tap a step further by customizing it. There are amazing laser services in Portland that can help to create a custom tap that’s perfect for your bar, brewery, or backyard.

No matter your storing or serving style, beer is all about the memories you create. We hope these tips help you pour the perfect beer and have a great time drinking it.

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