Individual tap handles for the beer enthusiast & dozens - thousands of handles for major producers each year.

At Bearded Boy Design, we’re passionate about our custom tap handles in Portland, OR. Whether you’re looking for a way to make your bar stand out from the crowd or you want to give a meaningful gift to the beer-lover in your life, custom bar taps are the way to go. Our team has years of experience in custom woodworking, which has provided us with the knowledge and skills to bring your tapper visions to life.

We’ve crafted dozens of custom tap handles in Portland for various distilleries, breweries, and local bars. Some of the companies we’ve worked with include Tin Cup Whiskey, Oregon Cider Co., and Mac Murray.

If you’re looking to distinguish your bar from the other local watering holes, custom beer tap handles are the way to go. Wooden tap handles are an easy way to enhance your bar or restaurant’s character, and they can be used to serve beer, spirits, wine, and ciders. Don’t serve alcohol in your establishment? They’re also a great way to dispense coffee and tea.

Our custom wooden tap handles make a unique gift that any beer-lover or tap handle collector will cherish for years to come. Our team can incorporate a custom design that’s special to the recipient.

Our custom tap handles in Portland make for great additions to the office, as well. More and more offices are incorporating kegs into the workplace. If your office has this perk, a custom wood beer tap handle with your company’s logo will make a great addition.


At Bearded Boy Designs, we believe in doing our part to make the world a more sustainable place. That’s why we use urban wood salvaged throughout the Portland metropolitan area, when possible. This helps cut down on waste and provides a more sustainable environment. As a bonus, the salvaged wood has developed unique and beautiful character that will enhance the look of your wooden tap handle.


One of the biggest advantages of our custom wood beer tap handles is the endless amount of design options our in-house design team can bring to life. Before we begin each project, we discuss what designs, colors, etc. you have in mind.

After we’re confident everyone’s on the same page, we will prepare a prototype at no additional charge. We do this to ensure you’re happy with the final product.


Once we have the materials and design, the creation process can begin. Our team of skilled craftsmen has access to the finest tools in the industry to ensure the final product is as flawless as possible. We start by cutting the salvaged wood into smaller, more manageable pieces. Next, we drill a hole for the threaded insert. This step is necessary to ensuring the tap handle can be used on typical beer dispensers. We then place the tapper on the lathe to rough turn it, and lastly, we sand it to create the desired shape. For more complicated designs, the process may differ slightly.


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